29 September 2021, Paris - The first Filipino Art Gallery in Paris “Kwadro Pintura” opened its doors on 25 September 2021. Run by four Filipino artists, Mr. Romeo “Dhon” Dela Paz, Jr., Mr. Francis Eric Dimarucut, Mr. Cris Adajar and Ms. Marie Expert, the art gallery is located at the art and decor complex Village Suisse Cour Anglais sous sol Gallerie 15 on 10 Avenue Champaubert at Paris’ 15th arrondissement. 

Kwadro Pintura comes from “the Filipino words for canvass, kwadro and pintura or paint and it is likewise the name of our group,” said Mr. Dela Paz, Jr.

The art gallery showcases the distinct styles of the four artists: traditional Philippine narratives and nostalgia from Mr. Dela Paz, imaginative realism to modern symbolism from Mr. Dimarucut, 3D designs and a bias for the female face and form from Mr. Adajar, and renaissance-style paintings from the lone lady artist, Ms. Expert.

 From left to right: Mr. Francis Eric Dimarucut, Second Secretary and Consul Joyce Camacho Quivooij, Ms. Marie Expert, Mr. Dhon Dela Paz Jr. and Mr. Cris Adajar

The Philippine Embassy in Paris expressed its support for the group particularly their objective of inspiring, discovering, and promoting other Filipino artists or aspiring artists in France.

For more information, Kwadro Pintura may be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  END.