2 October 2021, Paris – The Philippine Embassy in Paris, along with members from the Filipino communities of France, other European capitals and the US, took great pride in attending the Paris City Fashion week on Saturday, the 2nd of October. A total of fourteen fashion designers from all over the world – including three Filipinos – showcased their latest collections at the impressive Victorian gothic revival architectural gem, the American Cathedral in Paris.

2 October 2021, Paris, France – Filipino fashion designers showcased in the Paris City Fashion Week at the Amercian Cathedral in Paris: From left: Milan-based Chona Bacaoco of MM Milano, the world-renowned Michael Cinco and US-based Meg Manski (in black).

The earlier part of the show introduced emerging fashion designers, including Illinois-based Filipino-American Meg Manski, who had a mélange of cutting-edge and classic pieces in her collection, including three Filipiniana-inspired ones.

Majority of the estimated 100 guests had stayed on until the early evening for the most-awaited last part of the program, where the collections of three prominent international fashion designers were unveiled, including of course, those of no less than Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco and Chona Bacaoco of MM Milano from Milan, Italy.

Each of the almost forty pieces of Michael Cinco’s exquisite works of art left the audience awestruck, as the models sashayed elegantly across the runway, effectively permitting the intricate beauty of the individual masterpieces to shine through.

Chona Bacaoco’s collection clearly carried a theme of strikingly bold and elegant shades, textures and styles of gold, pink, black and silver, which exuded a spirit of strong femininity through her all-female model line-up.

2 October 2021, Paris – Left photo: Philippine Embassy in Paris’ Consuls Joyce Camacho Quivooij (L) and Christina Rola McKernan (R) with Milan-based Filipina fashion designer Chona Bacaoco.  Right photo: One of the Filipiniana-inspired creations by Filipina-American designer Meg Manski.

Behind the scenes, a number of Filipino creatives made a substantial contribution to the show, as well. Paris-based Filipinos Jyd Perez and Jan Levent were called to cover the event as part of the official events photography team. Apart from this, the whole entourage of the thirty or so models were able to sport the whole range of looks courtesy of the four-strong, multi-talented and entirely Filipino hair and make-up team of the show, namely Suzette Riego from Paris, Mau Piodena from Dubai, Princess Miranda and Monique Cruz, both from Milan. One of the models, Karla Meinhardt, who is half Filipina by blood - through her mother Jess (who lives with her in Nice) - expressed her delight to have had the chance to don the works of the three Filipino designers.

Consul Christina Rola McKernan of the Philippine Embassy in Paris, who was present at the event, said, “we share the elation and pride of all our kakabayan that are here with us today to witness the Philippine creative genius in action. Michael Cinco is truly part of the crème de la crème of high fashion and it is just perfect to have him back here at the fashion capital of the world.

We are triply privileged to have three Filipino designers being showcased at this outstanding event and I have a feeling this is only the start of it. Amidst the pandemic, the world seems to be catching up, through implementing strict guidelines to make sure that face-to-face events would be both safe and successful. Our congratulations and deepest thanks to Michael Cinco, Chona Bacaoco and Meg Manski for sharing with the world their beautiful creations and for making us, Filipinos proud. We are also proud of the other Filipino creatives behind the scenes of the Paris City Fashion Week, mabuhay kayo!”.

2 October 2021, Paris, France – At the end-of-show catwalk of models for the collection of Michael Cinco (left), of Chona Bacaoco of MM Milano (top right) and of Meg Manski (bottom right) at the Paris City Fashion Week at the American Cathedral in Paris.

2 October 2021, Paris, France – Left photo: Suzette Riego (L), Paris-based professional Make-up Artist with Nice-based Karla Meinhardt (R), the only Filipina among the multinational group of runway models participating in the Paris City Fashion Week event.

For more information, the Filipino designers and event organizers have their respective social media accounts that could be accessed here through:,, .END.