Ambassador Junever M. Mahilum-West (second form right), Chef Tatung (third from left), and Ms. Rosemarie Chazelas of Espace Philippin (rightmost) pose in front of the Philippine stall on the opening day of the Village International de la Gastronomie. (Photo credit: Jan Levent)

07 September 2022, Paris – The Philippine Embassy in Paris in partnership with Isla Pilipinas and Espace Philippin commemorated the 75th anniversary of Philippine and France diplomatic relations at the Village International de la Gastronomie (International Gastronomy Village) on 1 to 4 September 2022.

The food fest is held annually (except during the period of COVID restrictions) under the patronage of President Emmanuel Macron. The Philippines was among 41 countries featured in the Village which was dubbed by the organizers as “the world’s largest event dedicated to popular cuisines.”

Since 2016, the food fest has brought together embassies, representatives of foreign communities in Paris, chefs, artists, food writers and thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Ambassador Junever M. Mahilum-West expressed pride in the crowd’s reception of Philippine cuisine that was prepared by Ms. Jen Sunga who has been participating in the Village since 2017, and Ms. Maricel Peña, who started to partner with Ms. Sunga in 2018. They are both from the Filipino organization Isla Pilipinas. Misses Sunga and Peña manned the Philippine stall while another Filipina, Ms. Rosemarie Chazelas, founder of Espace Philippin, was part of the organizing team for the whole event.

In addition to food stalls, the food festival also featured cultural performances and cooking demonstrations.

Ambassador Mahilum-West introduced Chef Tatung (Michael Giovan A. Sarthou), who demonstrated the simple way of preparing kinilaw and adobo before a crowd that eagerly tasted his creations.

Ambassador Junever M. Mahilum-West introducing Chef Tatung during the adobo cooking demo on 2 September 2022 (Photo:Rosemarie Chazelas)

Chef Tatung (extreme right) cooks adobo and kinilaw as Chefs Joan Fernandez (center) and Cyril Rouquet-Prévost translate. (Photo:Rosemarie Chazelas)

Performances from FilCom associations Ifugao France Association, Las Damas de Rizal, Kababaihang Rizalista Inc., Pinoy Jam Paris and Simple Movers 2022 were also featured on the main stage and in front of the Philippine stall.

Las Damas de Rizal and Kababihang Rizalista waiting for their turn to perform Pandanggo Oasiwas at the main stage (Photo: Nenette Brosas)

Pinoy Jam Paris performing at the main stage (Photo: Dennis Astorga)

Simple Movers 2022 performing on the main stage

Ifugao in France Association performing in front of the Philippine Stall

Select visitors to the Philippine stall received giveaways from the Department of Tourism, Frankfurt and Fiesta Filipinas kits. QR codes were created for the Fiesta Filipinas Kits for easy access to previous episodes.


More information on the Village International de la Gastronomie may be found here: END