21 September 2017 – As part of the Philippines’ campaign for a seat on the UNESCO Executive Board, the Permanent Delegation of the Philippines organized an intimate evening with classical music featuring Filipino piano virtuoso and former President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Dr. Raul Sunico. Dr. Sunico enthralled UNESCO delegates with his exquisite interpretation of European and Philippine classical favorites which also include Jazz Interludes and themes from ‘Somewhere in Time’.

20 September 2017 - Bordeaux, France. Following his successful 2016 European tour, Dr. Sunico arrived again in the continent for another series of concerts with the first one in the wine region of France, Bordeaux on September 19.

As of December 12, 2018

Filipinos travelling to Paris are informed of the increased security level in France because of the shooting incident in Strasbourg, France on 11 December 2018. Police operations to locate the subject responsible for the attack are continuing. Because of this, France will be implementing reinforced border controls and heightened security checks in airports, train stations, public places and venues for the holidays in France. ID checks, personal searches and bag searches are expected.

Filipinos travelling to France for the holidays and those residing in France are urged to keep in mind the following safety reminders:
• Avoid areas affected by the attack.
• Be alert when attending holiday festivals and events.
• Be vigilant when in crowded places including Christmas markets, shopping malls, places of worship, restaurants, and others.
• Always be aware of the situation in your surroundings.
• Bring with you your identification cards and other relevant identification documents. Keep an eye on your belongings to avoid losing important identification documents.
• Be updated with the news by monitoring the local media.
• Follow the instructions/laws of the authorities.
• Keep your family and friends informed about your safety.

If urgent assistance is needed, you may call the Embassy’s 24/7 Emergency hotline at +33 6 20 59 25 15.

You may also visit/ call /send a message to the Embassy of the Philippines in France:

Embassy of the Philippines in Paris
45 rue de Ranelagh
4 hameau de Boulainvilliers
75016 Paris, France
Tel. No.: +33 1 44 14 57 00

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: #PHinFrance
Twitter : #PHinFrance