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05 November 2013. Paris, France. The Philippine Embassy in Paris, France reports that the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. won First Place in this year’s International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) annual Christmas Seals Exhibit and Contest during its World Conference at the Palais de Congres Porte Maillot, Paris, France last Sunday, 03 November. The idea of raising money for TB treatment with colorful Christmas seals originated with a Danish postman named Einar Holboell in 1904.  The tradition was quickly adopted by other countries and continues today.
Her Excellency, Ambassador Cristina G. Ortega, congratulated the winning team who conceptualized the Philippine Christmas seals, headed by Dr. Evelyn V. Cadena, Executive Director of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc (PTSI). Ambassador Ortega lauded the winning entry as testament to the Filipino’s vibrant pursuit of artistic excellence and innovative creativity. Dr. Cadena who was in Paris for the World Conference was appreciative of the support of Ambassador Ortega and the Philippine Embassy in Paris. 
Since 1910, when the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc. (PTSI) was founded, the organization has been conducting yearly TB Seals Campaign. The seals then were printed abroad, and it was only in 1947 when the TB seals started being produced locally. In 1985, a highly organized campaign was initiated with the formation of a TB Seal Committee to oversee and ensure the success of the TB seal fund drive. As with the past years, PTSI’s 2012 TB Seal Campaign elicited a lot of support from various sectors of Philippine society, with around 18,000 TB seal sheets sold, totaling 720,000 individual stamps. Collections from this fund drive were utilized mainly for the diagnosis and management of indigent patients afflicted with TB, as well as to sustain the TB research needs of the Society.   An added attraction to the campaign’s success is its frequent winnings in The Union’s Christmas Seals Contest. Such feat all the more proves to be a welcome lure to the artist and philatelist followers of PTSI’s TB seals. Then as now, TB seal patrons look forward to the annual TB Seals Campaign of the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, considered one of its 2 major fund raising events in its nationwide tuberculosis control programs.