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PHL Embassy joins PAEPAMA Meeting

01 November 2013 – During the annual meeting of PAEPAMA or Philippines Adoption: Enfants, Parents, Adoptés Majeurs et Amis (Philippines Adoption: Parents, Children, Adopted Major and Friends), Third Secretary and Vice Consul André Peter Estanislao, ATN Officer Eunika Lesli Leyva-Tiongco and Cultural Attaché Frankson Ong shared the best of Philippine culture, the salient features of the Dual Citizenship Act, and the privileges of Philippine citizenship, among others.

The meeting was attended by 51 adults and 19 children, 11 of them are already adoptive parents to Filipino children, 5 are waiting for the arrival of the children from the Philippines while 10 are still working with their pending application with the Inter-country Adoption Board (ICAB).

PAEPAMA is an association of parents by country of origin which brings together more than 80 adoptive families of children born in the Philippines or waiting for adoption.

PAEPAMA works closely with ICAB partner-agencies authorized for adoption in the Philippines. It develops actions to support children in the Philippines, especially those who are not adoptable. In this context, PAEPAMA particularly collaborates with VIRLANIE FOUNDATION, which supports the street children of Manila. END