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Press Release

Las Damas de Rizal

20 October 2013 – Third Secretary and Vice Consul Andre Peter Estanislao, Mr. Arnel de Luna and Mr. Frankson Ong attended the 5th year anniversary of Las Damas de Rizal Salle Polyvalent, Boulogne Billancourt, France. Las Damas de Rizal, founded by Lady Nenette Brosas, is the counterpart organization, which is open to women, to the Knights of Rizal. The organization aims to bring together women, Filipinas and foreigners, who have a strong affinity to the life and philosophy of the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal. In the anniversary program, both the Las Damas de Rizal and the Knights of Rizal presented different numbers and programs that included a fashion show and short skits that center on the life of Rizal. A delegation of Las Damas de Rizal, Brussels Chapter, was also present during the anniversary. The Knights of Rizal also bestowed on Lady Nenette Brosas a Medal of Recognition for her exemplary devotion to her organization and for inspiring women to partake of worthy events and activities that benefit the community at large. 

The group has grown and spread across Europe and the Philippines. As of now, they have 5 chapters in Paris, Germany, Belgium, Prague and Manila.END