24 June 2019, Paris, France – Filipino artists/artist groups were part of a grand exhibition held at Palais de Tokyo in Paris featuring the works of artists from the cities of Manila, Mexico, Lagos, Dhaka and Tehran.

According to Palais de Tokyo, the exhibition entitled Prince.sse.s des Villes (or City Prince/sses) “is presented as an imaginary, multiple and complex city, without borders, messy, staggering and creative: an unpredictable laboratory, which is always in motion and being (re)constructed. Visual artists, creators, fashion designers, experimenters, tattooists, musicians: a good fifty artists are presented without any geographical grouping, mostly via new productions and in situ interventions.”

With Leeroy New 21 June 2019 Palais de Tokyo Leeroy New
20 June 2019, Paris – Philippine Embassy First Secretary and Consul Christina Rola McKernan with Filipino artist Leeroy New at the Palais de Tokyo art space showcasing his work entitled, “Aliens of Manila: Balete Colony”.

The exhibition showcased the works of the following Filipino artists/artist groups: Doktor Karayom, Dina Gadia , Ha.Mü (Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki), Pow Martinez, Leeroy New, Urban Decay Planning (John Jayvee del Rosario & Maine Magno), Justin Shoulder, Maria Jeona Zoleta, Timmy Harn and Pamela Miras. Their works included a whole range of art forms including installations, murals, costumes, video animation, film and performance art on various themes.

The Philippine Embassy in Paris lent its support to the Filipino artists by attending the vernissage held on the evening of June 20. Embassy representatives were able to meet Mr. Leeroy New, one of five Filipino artists who were said to have been present for the exhibition’s opening.

Prince.sse.s des Villes (City Prince/sses) will run from 21 June - 8 Sept 2019 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Exhibition details can be found here: . END.