Experts, scientists and delegates attend the IOC-WESTPAC panel discussion on the sidelines of the 30th Session of the IOC Assembly at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France

27 June 2019 – The Philippines, in cooperation with members of the International Oceanographic Commission (IOC) Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (WESTPAC), hosted a panel discussion on the “Development of Regional Network of Training and Research Centres (RTRC) on Marine Science in the Western Pacific and Adjacent Regions: A Commitment to the UN Decade of the Ocean for Sustainable Development,” on the sidelines of the 30th Session of the IOC Assembly at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France.

In his presentation, Dr. Gil Jacinto, PH National Focal Point for IOC and Professor at the University of the Philippines (Diliman Campus) - Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI), shared UP-MSI’s academic programs, trainings and activities on marine sciences. He emphasized that UP-MSI, as an aspiring RTRC under the UNESCO, is well-equipped to contribute to IOC’s international cooperation and capacity-building program on marine sciences, especially in reef management and restoration.

The RTRC initiative aims to improve national and regional research capacity in a sustainable and systematic manner, through the establishment of regional training and research centers in national oceanographic institutes or universities, and provision of regular training and research opportunities on their domains of focus to young scientists mainly from developing countries within and outside the region.

It demonstrates with Member States a co-design and co-development approach to capacity development in order to suit their needs towards the sustainable development of ocean, seas and coasts. This initiative has been recognized as a best practice for capacity development and transfer of marine technology in the region.


Dr. Gil S. Jacinto, Philippine National Focal Point for IOC, presenting on UP-MSI’s programs and proposed capacity-building activities as an RTRC on Reef Management and Restoration


Select Member State representatives of the IOC-WESTPAC and participants posing for a photograph at the end of the side-event