21 October 2019, Paris, France – The Philippines was well-represented at this year’s edition of “Asia Now: Paris Asian Art Fair” held from 16-20 October 2019 in Paris, France through the participation of four Filipina artists, seven Filipino artists and two Philippine art galleries.

Photo BenCab Amb 17 Oct 2019 Asia Now 3
17 October 2019, Paris – Left photo: H.E. Philippine Ambassador Maria Theresa Lazaro with Philippine National Artist Mr. Benedicto Cabrera. Right photo: Philippine Embassy representatives with the owners of the Philippine art gallery The Drawing Room, Mr. Cesar Villalon, Jr. and Ms. Kathleen Villalon.

The Drawing Room, a Makati-based art gallery, had confirmed that it has been able to participate yearly in the Asia Now art fair since its inception in 2015. For 2019, the gallery had used its exhibition space to present the artworks of the Philippine husband-and-wife team Jose Santos III and Pam Yan Santos.

 IMG 9934 Asia Now 5  Asia Now 8
 One of Jose Santos III’s works figure on the wall while that of Pam Yan Santos is in the foreground in a glass casing at the Drawing Room Gallery exhibition space Some of Filipino artist Martin Honasan’s paintings at the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery art space Filipina artist Pinky Ibarra Urmaza’s exhibition pieces at the Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery art space

Seven other Filipino artists were also chosen by European and Asian galleries to be included in their own exhibits. Ronald Ventura’s work was included in the exhibit of the Italy-based Primo Marella and Primae Noctis galleries while those of Rodel Tapaya were on show at the art space of the Chinese/Thai exhibitor Tang Contemporary Art.

The Singapore Yavuz gallery showcased the work of Filipina artists Johanna Helmuth and Yeo Kaa, as well as Filipino artists Keb Cerda and Ronson Culibrina. The Philippine national artist Benedicto Cabrera’s art works were also brought to Paris through Singaporean participation in Asia Now.

During this occasion, H.E. Philippine Ambassador to France Maria Theresa Lazaro was able to welcome Mr. Cabrera (also popular referred to BenCab) to Paris while the Philippine Embassy’s cultural promotion team met with the Philippine gallery representatives and the Philippine artists that were present at the art fair.

Asia Now 2 Asia Now 9 Asia Now 7
17 October 2019, Paris – Philippine Embassy First Secretary Christina Rola McKernan visits the 2019 Asia Now Art Fair and meets the owners of The Drawing Room (left photo) Cesar and Kathleen Villalon, Filipino artist Martin Honasan (middle photo) and Filipina artist Pinky Ibarra Urmaza (right photo)

According to the official website of the event, ASIA NOW is the “first Parisian art fair showcasing the diversity of Asia’s contemporary art scene”. “As an ideal platform for dialogue and interaction dedicated to contemporary artistic creation, ASIA NOW addresses in greater depth the selected artistic scene through a Curatorial Platform and Special Projects.” Details on the Asia Now art fair can be found here: more information, visit the Embassy’s website and Facebook page. END.