2020 BE Well groomed and Stylish Photo 1

Philippine Ambassador Lazaro and resource speaker Suzette Riego (8th from left) with the participants of pilot session of the Embassy's wellness program

10 February 2020, Paris, France – The Philippine Embassy in Paris organized on Saturday, 8 February 2020, the pilot session of its newly established Wellness Program for Embassy employees called “BE Well”.

The first activity - one among four to be programmed for each quarter of the year - was entitled, “BE Well-groomed and Stylish”, and featured local Filipina expertise through the participation of Suzette Riego, a professional hair and makeup artist based in Paris. She has been recognized for her outstanding work by being voted by Expatriates Magazine as “Best Makeup Artist in Paris” for 2015 and 2019.

Ms. Riego’s talk had provided the participants with advice on the different ways one can harness their physical and inner attributes to be the best version of themselves, thereby allowing them to exude confidence, credibility and strong positive vibes to those they interact with professionally and socially. Apart from a presentation on skincare, dressing professionally and other grooming hacks, Ms. Riego did a makeup demonstration for the women colleagues of the Embassy and gave pointers on the essential cosmetics and skincare products.

2020 BE Well groomed and Stylish Photo 2
Suzette Riego does a presentation on power dressing and essential grooming practices.

Philippine Ambassador to France, H.E. Maria Theresa Lazaro, in her remarks, said, “In line with the DFA’s commitment to looking after the holistic well-being of its employees - in order for them to be healthy, happy and more capable to provide satisfactory public service, the Embassy has taken a proactive step by institutionalizing a wellness program for its employees, with of course a special focus on its female employees.

2020 BE Well groomed and Stylish Photo 3 2020 BE Well groomed and Stylish Photo 4

Suzette Riego does makeup demonstration and gives specific advice to women employees on enhancing their cosmetics and skincare collection.

This women’s focus is a testament to our commitment to mainstream gender and development (GAD) principles in all aspects of our work. As we continue to engage our female and male employees to determine their most pressing wellness needs, we are confident that this program’s future activities will only become better and have a more lasting positive impact to our employees and ultimately, to the clients we serve.”

Paris PE’s wellness program “BE Well” is spelled with the abbreviation BE, which stands for the French word “bien-être”, which translates to well-being in English. For more information, visit the Embassy’s website and Facebook page. END.