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Filipina milliner Michelle Dulce showcased her hats in the French fashion trade show WHO’S NEXT after besting over 14,000 talents worldwide in Not Just a Label’s “The Future of Fashion Program”.

This program chooses talented designers and helps them gain international exposure by sponsoring their participation in fashion trade fairs such as WHO’S NEXT. Mich Dulce was one of the twenty designers chosen to be sponsored by the program for the next four seasons.

WHO’S NEXT is the most internationally renowned fashion trade show in Europe. Aside from Mich Dulce, Marjorie Renner also participated in this season’s WHO’S NEXT.

ABS International Corporation, Blue Planet, and Unijel International Trading, Inc., on the other hand, were able to participate in BIJORCHA, the French premier trade show for jewelry and fashion accessories, which was held simultaneously with WHO’S NEXT.

The Philippine Embassy in Paris, through the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Paris, supports Filipino designers who wish to penetrate the French market.


Mich Dulce (second from right) and Marjorie Renner (first from right) accommodate buyers

Mich Dulce hats

Marjorie Renner bags

Marjorie Renner bag