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As part of its celebration of International Women’s Month, the Philippine Embassy in Paris organized a training seminar on violence against women (VAW) on 21 March 2014.

The training was provided by the French National Federation Solidarity with Women (FNSF), which is the largest coalition of French NGOs involved in VAW. FNSF is also the operator of the 3919 hotline, which is a number victims of VAW can call in France.

Aside from the Embassy’s Gender and Development (GAD) focal points, Filipino community associations such as Babaylan, femmes Philippines en France; Asosasyong  Sangguniang Filipino (ASF); and the Alpha Phi Omega Association were able to participate in the training seminar.

The full-day seminar entitled “Conjugal violence: understanding, identifying and orienting women victims” introduced participants to the various types of violence against women, the cycle of violence, the difference between marital conflict and conjugal violence, French laws on VAW, as well as some do’s and don’ts  when dealing with potential victims of VAW.

This seminar is intended to strengthen the VAW desk established by the Embassy on the occasion of the National Consciousness Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children on 25 November 2013.

The purpose of the VAW desk, similar to the 3919 hotline, is to receive victims of VAW in a climate of trust and confidence; work in partnership with associations in France where the victims can be oriented for psychological or medical help; maintain a database of these cases and report them to Manila; and advise victims on their possible courses of action under French law.

In 2012, 166 women and 31 men were killed either by their partners or ex-partners, while 25 children were killed either by a parent or step-parent in France.




Chargé d'affaires Deena Joy Amatong welcomes participants to the VAW seminar at the Philippine Embassy in Paris



One of the photos from the FNSF presentation