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The Philippine Embassy in Paris organized a seminar on franchising for the Filipino community on 23 March 2014. The event was held to take advantage of the presence of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) in Paris which is participating in the Salon International de la Franchise (Franchise Expo Paris).

PFA Chairperson Elizabeth Pardo-Orbeta defined franchising as the duplication of a “successful” business. A franchise already has an established name, an effective business system and instant followers. But like any other business, franchising entails investment of money, time and hard work in order to be a success.

Ms. Pardo-Orbeta encouraged the Filipino community in Paris to use their money wisely. “Putting your money in the bank is a passive investment. But when you put your money in a franchise, it becomes an active investment. You are in control of your money’s growth,” she enthused.

PFA is the voluntary self-regulating governing body for franchising in the Philippines. It is the country’s pioneer and largest franchise association. PFA currently has 1,330 franchise systems which includes local (Goldilocks, Bench, Reyes Haircutters, etc.) and international (TGIFridays, Giordano, Gymboree etc.) brands. They have 125,300 franchise outlets not only in the Philippines but in other parts of the world as well.

The seminar was attended by over 35 members of the Filipino community, most of whom are part of the first batch in France of the Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program of the Ateneo School of Government.


Members of the Filipino Community in Paris listen intently to Ms. Pardo-Orbeta, Chairperson of the PFA