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The PH Embassy in Paris informs that Carrefour des communes, an independent French organization of councilors, turned over a EUR 20,000 check to French NGO Electricians sans frontières or Electricians Without Borders in a simple ceremony at the Philippine Embassy.

According to Mr. François Pelletant, Mayor of Linas and President of Carrefour des communes, his organization had called on its members to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

They wanted to find an organization which could turn their small donation into concrete action so they turned to Electricians Without Borders, a French NGO which sends volunteer electricians to areas without electricity.

Electricians Without Borders was one of the first French NGO to respond in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. They have sent 21 persons to provide 96 power generators, 650 street lights, four evacuation centers and several bunkhouses in Guian, Samar.

Ambassador Ma. Theresa Lazaro thanked both associations for their assistance to the Philippines and invited them to visit the areas they helped rehabilitate.

In view of the additional assistance, Electricians Without Borders will be sending a new team back to the Philippines in the middle of June.



Mr. Pelletant, President of Carrefour des communes, turns over check to Mr. Hervé Gouyet, President of ESF, in the presence of Ambassador Ma. Theresa Lazaro