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Philippine Ambassador to France H.E. Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro hosted a luncheon at her official residence in Paris on 1 July 2014 for several deputés of the French National Assembly.


The parliamentarians who attended the luncheon were all members of the France-Philippines Friendship Group in the National Assembly. The President of the group, Madame Arlette Grosskost, was joined by Madame Virginie Duby-Muller, Mr. Dino Cinieri, and Mr. Lionel Tardy.

The luncheon was organized as part of the Philippine Embassy in Paris’ efforts to inform French officials of the many positive developments in the Philippines.  In the course of her engagement with the French deputies, Ambassador Lazaro also expressed the hope that a French parliamentary visit to the Philippines could be organized soon in order to build better understanding with their Philippine counterparts.

In France, parliamentary friendship groups bring together deputies who have a special interest in a particular country.  Their primary purpose is to enhance relations between French and foreign parliaments, and in the course of their international dealings, they can also act as instruments in the implementation of French foreign policy. END

Photo.01 July


Ambassador Lazaro is joined by French Deputies Mr. Dino Cinieri, Madame Arlette Grosskost, Madame Virginie Duby-Muller, and Mr. Lionel Tardy