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Paris, 4 September 2014 – H.E. Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro hosted a luncheon for French journalists in preparation for the upcoming visit of President Benigno S. Aquino III to Paris on 17-18 September 2014.

“France is known in the Philippines, but the Philippines is not in France’s radar screen,” the Ambassador deplored. “With this visit, we hope to raise the profile of the Philippines in France, and we are counting on the French media to achieve this.”

Present during the luncheon were Ms. Anne Cheyvialle and Mr. Fabrice Nodé-Langlois from Le Figaro, Ms. Claire Guélaud from Le Monde, Mr. Michel De Grandi from Les Echos and Mr. Claude Leblanc from L’Opinion.

According to the OJC, which is the French agency in charge of statistics on the circulation of French media, Le Figaro, Le Monde and Les Echos are in the top five daily newspapers in France in terms of circulation. L’Opinion, created in May 2013, is one of the newest French dailies. 

Sept 04


From L-R: Third Secretary and Vice Consul Rapunzel Acop, H.E. Ambassador Ma. Theresa Lazaro, Mr. Claude Leblanc, Mr. Fabrice Nodé-Langlois, Ms. Anne Cheyvialle, Mr. Michel De Grandi and Ms. Claire Guélaud