11 February 2019, Paris: The Philippine Embassy in Paris and the Asia Centre, the only French think tank that is solely focused on Asia, agreed to look into possible areas of cooperation. Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro acknowledging the expertise of Asia Center, stated that the think tank is an ideal partner in advancing research and discussions on the Philippines. Amb. Lazaro thanked Mr. Jean-François di Meglio, president of Asia Center, for his offer to assist the Embassy in bringing the Philippines back into focus among the French academe and government particularly in the discourse relating to regional security, climate change, terrorism and multilateralism. END

Di Meglio and Poras fr Asia Center Visit Paris PE 11 Feb. 2019

Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro (2nd from right) and Minister and Consul General Aileen Mendiola-Rau with President Jean-François Di Meglio (2nd from left) and Héloïse Poras of the Asia Centre at the Philippine Embassy in Paris on 11 February 2019