Montpellier Business Chamber

CCI-Herault President André Deljarry (left) and Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro (right)

MONTPELLIER—The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Herault department, André Deljarry, welcomed Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro at the CCI-Herault headquarters at Montpellier on 22 February 2019. Montpellier, a city near the South Coast of France in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the capital city of the Herault Department within Occitaine region. It is between French cities of Toulouse and Marseille.

“The Philippines, with its dynamic economy and growing and young population, is ready to engange and keen on expanding its relations with the Herault department,” said Ambassador Lazaro during her meeting with President Deljarry. Ambassador Lazaro cited the Philippine electronics, creative industries such as animation and game development, and aerospace industries, among others, as having strong potential for cooperation with CCI-Herault.

Deljarry said that CCI-Herault, with its 70,000 member-enterprises, realizes the importance of expanding international trade and investment. Deljarry cited that CCI-Herault would seriously look into how some of their member-enterprises could look into opportunities in the Philippines.

Both sides agreed to explore the possibility of having exploratory business missions to either come to France or the Philippines in the near future. END