Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro (seated, 2nd from left) delivers her presentation on the Philippines.

PARIS—Ambassador Ma. Theresa P. Lazaro promoted the Philippines as an attractive hub for trade and investment in a well-attended roundtable discussion organized by MEDEF-Ile-de-France on 26 March 2019. MEDEF is the largest network entrepreneurs and employers in France.

Ambassador Lazaro cited that the Philippines is a strong growth spot in Asia and has a young population fueling strong domestic demand. She said that the current administration’s flagship “BUILD, BUILD, BUILD” program presents numerous opportunities to support the growing domestic demand for soft and hard infrastructure.

She stressed that with a 47.1% growth in BOI investment approvals, French companies can look forward to various incentives given to priority sectors including those in manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare services, infrastructure, energy, and climate change related projects. She also said greater market access to and from the Philippines is available through its network of free trade agreements and the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) Plus status with the European Union.

“I invite you to visit the Philippines, witness our growth story, and explore business opportunities in my country,” said Ambassador Lazaro.

Philippe Gauthier, Honorary President of the French Foreign Trade Advisors in the Philippines, gave a strong testimony on the numerous opportunities for economic expansion in the Philippines based on his long experience in the country.

Patrick Baruel, President of the French Foreign Trade Advisors Ile-de-France said, “The Philippines is a country where there is dynamic consumption, especially for western products.”

Titled “Entrepreneurs, think of Asia to expand your growth,” MEDEF-Ile-de-France invited the Philippines along with Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam to highlight the economic opportunities in the region.END